With eleven tracks, ‘September’ unveils Dave Scott’s venture into an American-style rock landscape. On first listen, the album emanates a raw, lo-fi charm that beckons attention. Yet, while the music resonates authentically it’s the storytelling that elevates the experience.

The album’s pillars undoubtedly stand on Scott’s adept songwriting, compelling vocals, and intricate guitar work. However, the percussion, though commendable, occasionally overshadows the composition in a few tracks. 

Notably, ‘Down With A Smile,’ ‘Waiting,’ and the eponymous ‘September’ shine as standout pieces within this release. While the songs remain approachable, delving into the album’s entirety unlocks a captivating vibe. 

A yearning for a touch more fidelity in the recordings persists, yet the craftsmanship behind the tracks is undeniable. ‘September’ warrants a full listen for a comprehensive immersion. Dive in and explore this compelling release firsthand.