In the world of contemporary music, it’s a rare gem that not only captures the essence of human emotion but also transforms it into an art form. Lore, an emerging band from Northern Ireland, accomplishes this with their profoundly touching song “I’m Right Here.” This piece, penned by guitarist Luke McCloskey, is not just a song; it’s a poignant narrative woven from the threads of personal loss and enduring love. Written in memory of Luke’s father, who passed away when he was just eight years old, the song is a beautiful portrayal of words left unsaid and feelings that linger beyond the veil of life and death.

“I’m Right Here” is brought to life through the soul-stirring vocals of singer Carolann Carlile, whose voice carries the weight and warmth of the song’s emotive core. Accompanied by pianist Diarmuid O’Kane, the melody they create is both haunting and comforting. The song exemplifies what Lore is all about – creating music that resonates deeply with the listener, music that emerges from the soul, music that is born out of life’s experiences.

Formed in 2015, Lore has added a layer of sophistication to the pop genre. Known for their unique rendition of the legendary “Teenage Kicks,” they have evolved from humble beginnings to achieving sell-out theatre tour success. Their recent performance at Derry’s iconic Guildhall is a testament to their growing prominence in the Irish music scene. With their finely crafted original songs and captivating harmonies, Lore’s success is even more remarkable considering they have yet to release an album.

Often likened to the Northern Irish Fleetwood Mac, Lore has garnered national acclaim and recognition. Their music, consistently playlisted on local and national radio, resonates with a wide audience. Their live performances are enigmatic, having shared stages with legendary Irish acts such as Mary Black, Ryan McMullan, and The 4 of Us.

“I’m Right Here” is more than just a song – it’s an experience, a journey through loss, remembrance, and the undying nature of love. As Lore continues to rise in the Irish music scene, they bring with them a repertoire of songs that are not just heard but felt, not just listened to but experienced. This song, and indeed the band itself, is a reminder that in the world of music, the most powerful stories are those that come straight from the heart.