Hi! Can you describe the creative process behind the EP “MCP”?

A: The Process starts with a unification of the 3 main members of MCP. Wesley (Bass) Preston (Drums) and James (Synth). Using the one true Key, We lock ourselves away in a dark room with only the drums Mic’d up for recording purposes. We then play through a series of bass ideas I’ve stored away in a vault in an undisclosed location that will remain hidden for the purpose of this interview but please understand the vault is in constant motion at all times so any attempt to locate it will be met with the full force of the Master Control Program. 

As for the “creative process,” we have only 1 major goal during this time, to capture as many drum beats as possible. To do this we use a unique web-like net that was given to us by an albino dwarf named Carlos who owns a nearby bookshop just down the road from my house.  We ran into him one night about 16 years ago in an abandoned mall that was a common safe passageway to cut across town quickly. James and I were on our way to a jungle-themed-house-party when Carlos handed us the long net. He was clearly off his head with bloodshot eyes and to be honest we didn’t want to take it at first but he forced it into our hands. He looked us both in the eyes and yelled “IT’S YOURS NOW, NOW BEAT IT!”.

How does this EP differ from your previous work?

A: Before the EP, we were just normal beings, doing what normal bands do. Playing the odd gig, writing new music, and then suddenly one night it goes from “Hey James, I got a bottle of Jameson, can I come over and make a song” to literally being transported to an underground arena, surrounded by purple aliens, who apparently call themselves Nightcrawlers and then being told we must fight to the death in some ancient battle to save the planet? I don’t even know how to fight! Thankfully on that particular day, the three of us were able to merge into a supreme being called The Nothing and the rest is history.

Are there any specific themes or messages you aimed to convey through this EP?

A: The MCP EP has Drums, Bass, Synth, Flute, Sexy- Sexy-Saxophone, Clarinet a sprinkle of guitar and would you believe even a fucking piccolo made it onto a track. With all that said, at its core, Master Control Project (MCP) is just 2 bass players and a drummer. It’s important to note that our EP is just the music but the music is just a guide, a guide to a story. A story we felt needed to be told. Our message is many things but I will say this at its core is the idea of creation, existence, and the feeling of adolescence and that when all else fails, and you feel like the walls are closing in on you and there is no hope at all….take some mushrooms, laugh your ass off, and have a restart.

Can you talk about any challenges you faced during the production of this EP?

A:  The biggest challenge for us is everything outside of the songwriting process. Being in a band or any music project is already a lot but having to care about social media and run your band like a business before it’s even close to profitability is just the worst. Having to post or share meaningless band activities to appear relevant is such a distraction to the writing process. In saying that, if you are interested in checking out the 8 total posts we’ve done in 2 years, here you go https://www.instagram.com/mcp_the_band/ .  

Getting us all in the same room at the same time is a challenge but for the most part, it’s been some of the most enjoyable songwriting I’ve been a part of. We approach each song like we are creating a soundtrack for a mini-movie and that’s the way I describe the song when we are in the writing process and it’s been super fun and hilarious. For example, I might say”ok! You’ve crash-landed on a primitive planet, surrounded by creatures lurking in the distance, but you are not afraid! You’re confident you can get out of this alive… suddenly you come to a cave with a bright light inside” …and start recording……the results have been fascinating.

How have your fans reacted to the EP so far?

A: We did put a ton of work into the vinyl experience and the feedback we’ve got not only from customers who purchased it but all the indie record stores who sold it has been great. I wrote a graphic novel and we made the album appear like a giant comic book. It comes with a rad sticker pack and studio air freshener. I don’t think we have fans, but I’m a big fan of the artists we got to collaborate with throughout this process. This includes Benjamin Toupein, Jeremy Lord, Sindy Sinn, Steven Dai, and Nick Potts. Artwork paired with our music has been a very important contribution for us as we don’t do the band photo thing. With only 150 left in circulation, they have been difficult to source.  This website will list the record stores in Australia that have some left For more info check out our website https://mcptheband.com/

Are there any tracks on the EP that hold a special significance to you? If so, why?

A: The Nothing’ was written at the peak of the global pandemic. you’d open the door and the city was dead, everyone inside, absolute silence. It was like an episode of The Walking Dead or something. I lived in an abandoned city that usually has 5 million people in it, trying to get toilet paper and fruit and veg without being infected. Weird time and that song was written and produced right in the middle of it. I wanted to capture the sadness yet beauty of that moment. I’d say I’m most proud of the composition out of the first 5 tracks but I’m even more proud of the music video. Made by 1 person Arron Millikin, and his hard work got the video for The Nothing nominated and selected in a few film festivals Animate, Lift-off New York & Melb, Pop Con International, Space Brains, global indie film fest, and the AFIN international.  Check it out, and side note, Arron and I actually found that jar of weed in the back alley of Newtown with that sign ‘Free Weed’ on a sidewalk near the IGA, it’s not a prop! Check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qo4WC3e8O0M&ab_channel=MCP

Can you share any memorable moments from the recording sessions?

I won’t be specific but it involves

  1. An empty caravan park in northern NSW
  2. Dobby-croquet
  3. A sandstorm on the beach,
  4. and a kangaroo I’d never seen before or again with long black/red hair that was hunting us and possibly looking through our souls.

What’s next for you? Any new releases or gigs?

A: Thanks for asking. We are currently working on our debut Album which is in the mixing process due to be finished Feb 2024. Album artwork is done but the Artwork for the next graphic novel is still in the process of being finished. We are calling the album AFTER MIDNIGHT, which is a hat off the Gremlins movie (what happens when you feed a mogwai after midnight!) but also an indication that these songs will have a lot more energy and be much more uptempo and energetic than our EP.

After that, we will enter phase 3, a Live experience. This will take time to process and implement correctly but I feel confident that when it’s ready, it’s gonna be epic. 

Just quickly I wanted to say, Thanks so much and we appreciate the interview.  We are just a small little band in the back corner of the globe that no one cares about but it was great to chat with you about our passion project MCP. Thanks and keep up the good work.