Hi! So that our readers can know a bit more about you, please introduce The Southern Gothic

A:Absolutely!  We started a long time ago in Atlanta, GA, believe it or not as a band called Princess.  We were co-house band at a place in Atlanta called “Dixie Tavern” we played the Saturday night slot and Zac Brown played the Thursday…..  If I’d only realized Thur was the magic night! Haha

We put out several records, and our 2nd full length album, “New Hometown” hit #1 and #17 on the billboard charts the week it came out.  We toured for 4.5 years behind that record, playing every stage we could get on, doing over 1000 shows in those 4.5 years.  

We took a break and I moved here to Nashville to write songs with and for other artists, which I still do.

In 2020 we released an EP with a revamped line-up.  We had so much fun that we’re releasing another full length album on Oct 20th!

You’ve just released your latest single ‘Dreaming Big In A Small Town’ and it’s amazing. For those who haven’t heard it yet, how would you describe the track?

A: It’s upbeat, but wistful, it’s rockin but resigned, but best of all, I think, it’s a solid sing along

Where did you record it?

A: At the Owl and Red Room Studios, both in Nashville

Your music interweaves so many different styles and sounds. If you could collaborate with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

A: Wow, that’s so hard to say.  I think Elton John, just because he’s been my idol for a long time and that’s an experience that would stay with me forever.  I’d also love to write a song with Ed Sheeran. I love his process, and while I like his songs, he’s not a favorite, but anyone that can rock a football stadium with an acoustic guitar and nothing else…. I could learn a thing or two from that man!

What’s been your favorite musical experience to date?

A:  Recording “New Hometown” was one of the greatest months of my life. Total artistic freedom, a budget that I didn’t have to think about, and a great group of people all around, all 100% emotionally invested in the process.  I think about it all the time

Where are you based? Can you tell us how the music scene there has inspired your sound at all?

A: I’ve been in Nashville since 2015.  Yeah the music scene is everything here. It really does inform how you write and even think about songs.  The amazing thing is, that there’s so much talent, every interaction is always pushing you to be better.  It’s great motivation

Can you describe your most memorable career performance? How do you recall it?

A:Playing for 31,000 in Chicago in 2013 was a pretty big highlight.  We were touring with ZZTop at the time, and they were headlining “Ribfest” in Chicago/Naperville IL.  Because we were the opener on the road we got the direct support slot at this festival, even though we’d just come out with our big debut a few months before and weren’t really well known.  I did get booed during that show – We only had 50 minutes, so we were trying to cram in ALL the songs we could.  I took a quick pull off my beer between songs and set it back down quick, causing it to overflow.  Being the kind soul he must have been, the jumbotron camera man zoomed in on my beer foaming over and the crowd booed.  I had the band take it down to a quiet breakdown, walked out in front of the monitors and waved the crowd to give it to me good.  They got it all out, we all had a laugh and we melted their faces.  We sold every tshirt, cd, hat, koozie and sticker we had with us that night.  Was pretty awesome!

Can we anticipate a forthcoming EP or album from you soon?

A: Yes!! Finally, our second full length album, “One More For the Road” is out Oct 20, 2023

Finally, do you have any updates on upcoming gigs? What are your plans for 2024?

A: We’ve got a few US dates in November, mostly in Florida. After that, we’re gearing up for a big spring and summer of gigs in the UK & Europe.  So ready to be back!