Founded by veteran music bloggers, we’ve built our name on one thing…. excellent public relations for independent creatives. Bringing a fresh approach to creative PR, we specialize in creating comprehensive strategies that provide an effective way to build hype around the clients we work with in the music industry. Basically, we exist to make YOU look good.

Go ahead… just call us your professional hype team. We work with artists, labels, and creative-based companies to build the buzz around their brand, increase industry credibility, and get new eyes and ears on your music.

What’s Included

  • Press features in magazines, blogs, newspapers, podcasts, and local radio/TV
  • Story development
  • Opportunity for exclusive premieres
  • Research and building of targeted media lists for your campaign
  • Personalized pitching and follow-ups


  • Increased brand awareness
  • Industry credibility
  • Fan/audience growth
  • High-quality inbound web traffic
  • “Evergreen” content (always there)
  • Increased SEO rankings
  • Showcasing your music on a variety of taste-making platforms

For more information, visit the FAQ page.