Why do I need to hire a PR company?

Long story short, good press = street cred. Small press placements have the tendency to lead to bigger ones, which in turn help your music and brand reach larger audiences and new fans. Reviews and features also translate into credibility…. which in the long run will help you open more doors and find new opportunities. We use our established media connections and devote hours of time to making sure that we help you reach your maximum potential. Basically, we exist to make YOU look good.

Why work with BROKEN PR?

We’re more than just PR services – we’re a collective of professionals in a variety of fields that ensure our clients have every resource they need to succeed. We take the time to customize our packages and develop the best strategy for each client. We’ve spent years cultivating professional media relationships with blogs, reporters, and major publications… PLUS, we have an exclusive curated database of connections at our fingertips. We work hard to provide an innovative community that will help elevate your brand in a variety of ways.

What exactly does a music PR campaign involve?

We aim to make every PR campaign intentional, personal, and efficient. We accomplish this by developing an extremely targeted press list that would be receptive to your story. Then, we dive in and create personalized hand-crafted pitches for every press outlet we pitch to. We make sure the client is presentable to the press with a strong bio, media kit, press photos, social presence, and of course, the finished product. In every aspect of a campaign, we aim to represent YOUR story in a way that grabs the attention of media and fans alike.

What am I paying for?

You are paying for the service of PR: the amount of time, effort, and strategy the publicist makes on your behalf – NOT guaranteed press. Whether we are helping you build your brand, pitching you to media, or supporting your release, we are bringing an experienced skillset to your PR strategy. We devote HOURS of time and effort to each campaign to ensure that our artists have the best chances to succeed.

How long does it take to see results from pitching to the press?

Some results happen quickly while others take weeks or even months to be seen. Most of the time we start seeing results within 2-4 weeks of pitching to the media. However, it is important to remember that the efforts your publicist makes may continue to show up months after the campaign ends as well… it’s not uncommon for us to reach out to past clients with new press placements that have developed later in the year.

How often does BROKEN PR send comprehensive reports for pitching?

We send informal updates on secured press placements as they happen so that you can stay in the loop on all things happening with your campaign. We send a comprehensive report to clients at the end of their campaign that outlines all press placements and relevant statistics. Our fully integrated client portal also helps clients keep track of campaign progress, updates, comprehensive reports, and press placement links.

Does BROKEN PR submit music to Spotify Playlists?

Yes! We have secured a new exclusive partnership with an innovative playlisting and streaming company. Trust us – we wouldn’t partner with a company unless we wholeheartedly believed in what they do and that they would be a good fit for our clients.