Book/Spirit’s latest single “Meant to Be,” released on October 20, 2023, is an audacious and compelling entry into the alt/shoegaze rock scene. Hailing from Brooklyn, this band has demonstrated their unique ability to blend introspective lyricism with a sound that is both nostalgic and refreshingly innovative.

“Meant to Be” starts with a Joy Division-esque riff, courtesy of singer/guitarist Michael Susa, but it doesn’t stop there. The track soon evolves into a rich, multi-layered soundscape that speaks volumes of the band’s collaborative spirit. The co-lead singers, Michael Susa and Pete Ferrari, harmonize with a chemistry that is rare, offering a sonic balance that elevates the track. Their contrasting lyrical styles add depth and relatability, particularly in a song that deals with the tumultuous nature of a misguided relationship.

The rhythm section, with Garrett Troy on drums and Pierre Ratzki on guitar, provides a solid backbone to the song, driving it forward with purpose and energy. The drumming is both intricate and powerful, while the guitar work weaves in and out of the melody, creating a tapestry of sound that is both haunting and beautiful.

The song delves into the complexities of a relationship that is clearly wrong, yet irresistible. Susa’s description of the song as being about “fighting for someone who isn’t right for you” is palpable in every line. It’s a theme many can relate to – the struggle of rationalizing a relationship that everyone else can see is doomed, driven by a mix of desire and desperation. “Meant to Be” is a promising glimpse of what we can expect from Book/Spirit’s forthcoming debut studio album, set for release in early 2024. The band’s commitment to a collaborative songwriting approach shines through, making this track not just a song, but a storytelling experience.

The band performed live at Arlene’s Grocery on November 9 and they will perform live at Nublu on November 17 not to be missed. If “Meant to Be” is any indication, Book/Spirit is a band on the rise, with a sound that resonates and a message that connects. Keep an eye on this Brooklyn-based quartet – they’re definitely going places.