Ahead of their UK tour supporting Circa Waves and Bastille, Cassia, comprising of Rob Ellis (lead vocals, guitar), Lou Cotterill (bass), and Jake Leff (drums), bring back that summery feeling with their latest tropical track, “High Tones”, set to be released on Tuesday 13th June 2023. The track has already been confirmed for Radio 1 First Play with Clara Amfo on June 13th at 7:30pm.

Over the past six years, Cassia has become known for their sun-kissed indie sound, but their latest track shows a maturing sound, with projected vocals, deeper guitar grooves, and bouncy drum beats. They still maintain their tropical roots with the addition of a shaker, giving the song a sandy feel and making it the perfect tune for hot summer days.

According to the band, “High Tones” was inspired by memories of being drunk at festivals last summer and the anticipation for this year’s festival season. They wanted to create a song that captured that feeling – a carefree and funky tune that you can dance to with loads of bounce and groove.

The track begins with ear-catching noises, resembling the band waking up with gentle whistles, as if the day is starting – a concept that follows from the first track of their previous album, “Morning’s Coming”.

The first line, “Do you wanna take this slow?”, contrasts with the upbeat tempo, which continues to build until the chorus, where Rob sings, “Now you’re in my space girl” with a distorted vocal effect, creating a dreamy, spacey atmosphere.

The track includes two pre-choruses, with the first one saying, “Feels like I’m dreaming in colour”, and the second changing to, “Feels like we’re dreaming in colour”, emphasizing the essence of the song – a summer romance with the sun shining and high tones in the air.

The repetition of the chorus and an instrumental finish highlight the band’s inspiration from the festival season and amplify the excitement for the upcoming season.

“High Tones” marks a change for Cassia, as frontman Rob Ellis has spent time writing in various locations, collaborating with different artists, and expanding the band’s horizons beyond their usual insular bubble.

The new track is accompanied by a video directed by Harry Deadman, shot on Kodak 16mm film. The video features a decadent theatre filled with elegantly dressed guests, setting the stage for the band’s transition into a new era. The video is visually captivating, with quick cuts, quirky characters, and a rumbling stampede of feet, as the theatre transforms into a dance floor and the band takes the spotlight on a red-curtained stage, with Rob Ellis dressed in an oversized patterned suit.

The fashion-forward and prop-heavy video captures the band’s energy, absurdity, and movement, with varying distorted shots, mixed lighting techniques, and a narrative that starts with the dining guests being outraged but eventually joining in the party. The band describes the video shoot as a “sick experience” with everyone cheering, singing, and shouting along.

Director Harry Deadman is known for his ability to turn absurd concepts into reality, and this video perfectly complements the “bounce and groove” of the track, showcasing the band’s energy.

Cassia has come a long way since their beginnings in Macclesfield. In 2017, they released their debut single “100 Times Over”, a dreamy and addictive rhythm that showcased their Afro-Caribbean influences, influenced by Rob’s dad’s upbringing in Zambia and his record collection.

In the span of six years, Cassia has released two albums, numerous singles, and a handful of EPs. They have toured extensively around Europe and the UK and have gained 60 million Spotify streams. With strong support from DSPs and recent sold-out shows in London, Cassia is ready to take the main stage. Their new EP promises to be the soundtrack of the summer.