After captivating audiences across Europe this summer, the Isle-of-Wight band Coach Party is gearing up to unveil their highly anticipated debut album, set to be released this Friday. The band’s latest single, ‘Be That Girl’, is generating even more anticipation for the forthcoming record.

The song delves into the realization that one has transformed into a different person from who they once were, exploring themes of nostalgia, emotional turmoil, and personal growth. From grappling with the difficulty of letting go of one’s past self to finding solace in acknowledging personal development, ‘Be That Girl’ offers just under three minutes of heartfelt introspection.

Written during the band’s busy touring schedule last summer, drummer Guy Page explains, “We spent a lot of time on the road last year, so a significant portion of the writing for our album, KILLJOY, took place in hotel rooms. ‘Be That Girl’ was predominantly crafted one morning in Spain before heading out to play at the BBK Festival. It’s one of the more introspective and self-reflective songs on the record, with a softer sonic approach. Looking back, it feels like a step closer to our early style as a band, which is quite pleasing.”

Driven by cathartic electric guitars and powerful drumbeats, the track embraces an unapologetic alt-rock sound. Lead vocalist Jess Eastwood’s commanding voice takes center stage, infusing ‘Be That Girl’ with a profound emotional resonance that complements its grungy production. The song reaches an impressive climax during the soaring chorus, showcasing the band’s skillful instrumentation. During the verses, the heavy guitars recede, allowing the band’s candid and endearing lyricism to shine through.

‘Be That Girl’ is the sixth track to be shared from the upcoming album, ‘KILLJOY’. It follows the hard-hitting ‘Parasite’, the existential pondering of ‘What’s The Point In Life’, and the empowering anthem ‘Born Leader’, as well as the earlier 2023 releases ‘All I Wanna Do Is Hate’ and ‘Micro Aggression’. With a UK/EU tour planned to coincide with the album’s release, Coach Party is poised to establish themselves as formidable indie newcomers in the months ahead.