Returning with his latest single ‘Sympathy’, his first since the success of ‘Zeros’ in 2020. McKenna explains that he intentionally used fewer words and avoided over-explaining this time. And he succeeded. The melody is upbeat yet relaxed, and the lyrics are not overwhelming, allowing listeners to either delve into the song or simply enjoy it.

The song exudes confidence, sunshine, and bliss. The catchy chorus, “Sympathy won’t you come around,” immediately grabs our attention. It’s the perfect song to release before McKenna’s summer festival performances.

‘Sympathy’ features playful trumpets, rhythmic claps, light drums, and elated guitars, creating an effortless and easy-going vibe. The tune is enjoyable and captures the essence of summer.

McKenna discusses the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Sympathy’, stating that it encourages simplicity and directness. It’s like a dream about love and compassion, urging us to let go of inhibitions and truly connect with others. In simpler terms, it’s about peace and love.

Compared to his previous successful singles like ‘British Bombs’ and ‘Brazil’, ‘Sympathy’ is lyrically simpler. McKenna chose not to rely on metaphors or complexities, instead speaking his feelings honestly and clearly.

McKenna’s energetic and joyful pop song marks his emphatic return. Hopefully, there is more to come from this young indie-pop star.