If you haven’t heard of her before, you will now. Elle Coves has been gaining recognition in recent years, with sold-out shows and a strong online presence. Her latest song, ‘Before I Fall Apart’, has already reached a million views on TikTok, and now we finally have the chance to listen to it properly. Music is Coves’ way of expressing her true emotions, and it has already captivated the attention of many. This track perfectly encapsulates the ups and downs of teenage life, making it an ideal introduction to her music.

The song begins with an infectious synth beat that instantly grabs your attention. It’s upbeat yet nuanced, making it a fantastic summer track. Right from the start, Coves wears her heart on her sleeve:

“To be honest, I struggle with this level of honesty. I made a promise that I find hard to keep. It’s just one of those tendencies, I go silent when I should be screaming.”

Her tone is remarkably mature, giving the impression that she has experienced more than her years would suggest. Coves has been open on social media about her nomadic and sometimes chaotic lifestyle, as well as her experiences of moving to the U.K. as a young teenager. Her tone reflects the hardships she has endured, with a gentle raspiness that draws you in. The beat breakdown leading into the chorus is fantastic, solidifying the track as a summer anthem. The chorus itself is brilliant, with harmonies that pack a powerful punch. Coves’ lyricism is filled with strength and conviction – she demands your attention and wants you to hear her message.

“I tried to escape this feeling, but I can’t. I tried to move on, but all roads lead back to you. You’re all I want, so give me something to believe in, before I fall apart.”

Her influences shine through in her songwriting, with hints of Fleetwood Mac, Maggie Rogers, and Taylor Swift. The instrumentation and mixing, courtesy of the legendary Spike Stent, give the track an extra punch. Instead of falling apart, this song marks a breakthrough for Coves.

While she hasn’t announced any live dates yet, Coves has teased more music to come by performing unreleased demos on TikTok. We’re eagerly watching for her name on festival lineups because it’s certain that this track will be amazing when performed live.