Eric Ananda’s “Wait For You” is a celestial tribute to hope and healing, a guiding light for those traversing the turbulent waves of existence. This Alt Pop gem is a demonstration of sonic storytelling, with every note and chord carefully selected to reflect the song’s storyline. The musical arrangement is a rich soundscape where each component, from the delicate strumming to the evocative vocals, flourishes in perfect unison.

Eric‘s vocal delivery does justice to the emotional lyrics, making the song a deeply moving listening experience. The song draws inspiration from a close friend’s connection with the moon, encapsulating the essence of waiting for brighter days after enduring the darkest nights.

“Wait For You” is more than just a song; it’s a lighthouse in a world that often feels adrift. It’s a testament to Eric‘s talent as a songwriter and producer, offering a taste of what to expect from his upcoming album, “Sunsets and Daydreams”. This song is not just a listening experience, but a journey through the cosmos of human emotion, making it a must-listen for any music lover.