Harriette Briscoe’s album “Praise Evolution: 1 on 1 with God!!!” is a testament to her musical prowess and spiritual depth. The album, which consists of eight songs spanning 25 minutes, is a journey of faith, resilience, and personal evolution.

Briscoe, a true southern girl born in the small town of Kingstree, South Carolina, has always had music as an integral part of her life. This album is a reflection of her roots and her journey, a project born out of the pandemic, guided by blind faith.

The opening track, “Dreams,” sets the tone for the album with its uplifting melody and inspiring lyrics. It’s a song that encourages listeners to hold onto their dreams and trust in their journey, even when the path is unclear. The second track, “Walking with the Lights Out,” continues this theme of faith and perseverance, reminding us that even in the darkest times, we are never alone.

“Praise Evolution: 1 on 1 with God!!!” is more than just an album; it’s a spiritual experience. Briscoe’s soulful voice, combined with the heartfelt lyrics, creates a sense of connection and intimacy. It’s as if she’s having a one-on-one conversation with God, and we’re invited to listen in.

“Praise Evolution: 1 on 1 with God!!!” is a beautifully crafted album that showcases Harriette Briscoe’s talent and spiritual depth. It’s a testament to her faith, her journey, and her ability to create music that touches the soul. Whether you’re a fan of gospel music or just someone looking for some spiritual inspiration, this album is definitely worth a listen.