Showcasing captivating vocals, silky harmonies, and yearning lyrics, itoldLexi’s latest release reveals her vulnerability while also demonstrating her strength. She is preparing for two upcoming shows, ‘An Audience With’ at Smithfield in Farringdon and a surefire sellout at the historic Troubadour in Earls Court. The track revolves around a breakup and her struggles to navigate through heartache and feelings of betrayal. It delves into the intensity of her emotions and frustrations regarding her relationship not being ‘right’.

The track begins with distorted and echoey vocals, creating an atmospheric ambiance. It sets the stage for a powerful performance, reminiscent of a WWE stage. This grand ethereal sound beautifully contrasts with understated RnB piano and beats, showcasing Lexi’s ability to strip things down to their core. From the very start, the track is evocative and sensual. Lexi reflects on her failed relationship with quiet ferocity, displaying her class and moral high ground repeatedly. Her lyrics are sharp, pointing out everything her partner did and, more importantly, didn’t do to nurture their love. However, we never feel overwhelming pity for her. She has emerged from this relationship stronger than ever, now able to express her frustrations with refined elegance and poise.

‘Now I don’t really care for much, especially don’t care for trust. I can’t really give a fuck like when you say you do love me cause the roles have reversed.’

The intensity and gravity in the first verse turn inward as Lexi reflects on the impact of her ex’s infidelity and lies. She mourns the lost potential of their relationship, shattered dreams for the future. Through sexual and sensual imagery, she describes the toll the breakup has taken on her body and mind. She explains that she was previously hypnotized but now sees things for what they truly are. She grapples with feelings of betrayal conflicting with her desire to make things right, a theme she emphasizes in the second half of the track.

‘So if I’m being honest, you’re lying to my face, but even when we broke up, I still craved you in my space. If I had known that you moved on, I would never have stayed.’

There are fleeting moments where Lexi blames herself for the situation, acknowledging that she should have known better than to trust him. However, by the end of the track, it becomes crystal clear that she was never at fault. She truly recognizes her worth and wishes her ex luck in finding someone who can match her. The track concludes with a brilliant choice to isolate Lexi’s vocals, accompanied only by the piano. Upon first listen, many may perceive vulnerability, but it is a testament to her strength. Her voice, and by extension her heart, can stand on its own, emboldened by all she has endured.

‘Get it Right’ not only showcases her dynamic vocals but also serves as a platform for her other passions, including civil rights, gender equality, and black culture. These pressing issues are explored through her academic research and music. Lexi discusses the intersections between her activism and her role as a musician, highlighting the music industry’s disproportionate impact on women of color. Over the past year, she has been featured on National Public Radio, advocating for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement in her songs and collaborating with young artists worldwide in social justice campaigns. Recently, she participated as a panelist in the ‘F-List’ conference in London, discussing black feminism and its influence on her music and artistry. Her commitment to driving change shines through her songwriting, illustrating her unwavering determination and resilience.

With two upcoming shows, itoldLexi’s future looks promising. She has teased some of her unreleased demos on Instagram, leaving fans eager for more. Additionally, as a self-professed astrology enthusiast, she is approaching Libra season and her birthday. Could we expect another release then? Only the stars hold the answer.