Keli Woods’ latest release, “Skies,” is a breathtaking musical journey that showcases his profound talent as a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer. The song, recorded live at the iconic Real World Studios, is a testament to Keli’s ability to create vivid imagery through his deeply affecting lyrical prose.

The piano composition is not only technically impressive but also emotionally resonant, keeping listeners spellbound from start to finish. Keli’s rich, soulful vocals, coupled with the warm embrace of the grand piano, offer a heartfelt window into the human experience.

Drawing on a diverse range of influences, including his personal journey into spirituality as a monk, Woods has woven an eclectic background into the tones of “Skies”. The result is a unique and mesmerizing sound that transcends traditional genre boundaries.

“Skies” serves as a sanctuary, guiding listeners from disorientation to a place of familiarity and understanding through its lush textures and evocative imagery. This song is a testament to the transformative force of music and a powerful example of Keli Woods’ ability to illuminate the keys with enlightenment.