Lumari’s first album, “En Phases,” marks an impressive foray into the shoegaze scene, revealing the group’s knack for crafting music that’s both atmospheric and emotionally stirring. Hailing from Minneapolis, the band features siblings Dave and Dan West, alongside Robert Caple and Margo Pearson. Their collaboration with producer/engineer Eric Olsen has fine-tuned their sound, culminating in a record that balances intensity with an ethereal vibe.

The opening track, ‘Starlit,’ immediately immerses the listener in Lumari’s sonic world, featuring dreamlike guitar work and Pearson’s captivating vocals. The drumming is intricate, showcasing a deep familiarity with the instrument. Following this is ‘In Waves’, a track blending eerie guitar sounds with a mix of delicate synth touches and Pearson’s emotionally charged vocals, all enhanced by dynamic production.

‘Doors and Corners’ emerges as a particularly catchy tune, also featured on a split seven-inch with Sex Park. Its immediacy makes it a standout, especially as a potential lead single. The song ‘Carina’ slows the pace, tilting Lumari’s sound towards indie rock, resulting in a unique blend of straightforward balladry and the edgier tones of shoegaze.

The album concludes with ‘Cloud Control’, a gradual crescendo culminating in a rich tapestry of sound. Pearson’s vocals soar, leading to an impressive finale. Lumari’s music reflects their deep commitment and skill, spanning from energetic guitar riffs to elevated choruses. Their lyrics explore themes like love, loss, and self-discovery, inviting listeners to a profound and personal musical engagement.

“En Phases” showcases Lumari’s artistic growth and stylistic versatility. The album, a fusion of rock and pop rock elements, takes listeners on an enthralling musical journey. Their ability to meld captivating melodies with powerful instrumentals shines throughout the album. “En Phases” is a remarkable debut for Lumari, highlighting their prowess in creating music that’s both atmospheric and deeply resonant. Their distinctive mix of rock and pop rock, combined with emotionally rich lyrics and dynamic production, positions the album as a notable contribution to the shoegaze genre.