Morgan Paros’ latest single, “What Love Is,” is a captivating and powerful exploration of the complexities of love. The song is a delightful blend of silky melodies and sassy lyricism, inviting you into its world from the first note. Morgan‘s sincere and powerful vocal performance takes center stage, showcasing her impressive vocal range and control. The track opens with subdued guitar strums and glowing synth pops, creating a boldly vibrant and feel-good sound right from the start.

As the song progresses, Morgan takes us on a lyrical journey through the trials of a relationship, capturing a catchy sound with an all-too-relatable story. The verses set a calming and ethereal tone, while the choruses introduce catchy and distorted elements that enhance the overall listening experience. The song promotes empowerment and putting yourself first, making it an addictive, high-energy indie-pop release.

Produced by Grammy award-winning producer and engineer Jeremy Hatcher, “What Love Is” is a passionate and engaging pop experience that magnificently takes us on a voyage through the bittersweet side of love. Morgan Paros’ outstanding songwriting skills are evident throughout the track, making “What Love Is” a standout indie-pop song that showcases her immense talent, creativity, and musicianship.