ADMONISH Music’s “You’ve Been Warned…” is a purely instrumental album that is actually very different from other music in the same field. This album that is based on the sample and its roots in the heart of sample-based production, is told through its 16 tracks in a very compelling manner. The creative soundscape of the album is amazingly textured, utilizing melodic chops and hard drums while avoiding samples. Instead, ADMONISH Music is crafted with a distinctive sound that is both crisp and dirty, accentuated by a bass that thumps and thumps. The careful blending of those vinyl pops, crackles, cassette hiss, and electric noise backdrops creates an aura of authenticity and nostalgia, which is a key component of the listening experience.

Each track is an indication of the ADMONISH Music artistry towards crate-digging vibes, which gives the listeners a ride through the tempo, genres, and energy. “You’ve been warned…” reminds you of a thrilling experience. The album can be compared to a journey or an adventure, such a trip is unparalleled in its ability to evoke a sense of movement and exploration, which is why it is a must-listen for those who are fans of rich beats and soundscapes. Press play or the needle and let ADMONISH Music guide you on a great audio journey that you will not easily forget.