In the initial strains of Anthony Blues’ “Once a Passion,” a distinct resonance reminiscent of the musical score found in epic fantasy series like Game of Thrones emerges. The composition unfurls with the haunting strains of a weeping violin, effortlessly transporting the listener to a panoramic vista of majestic mountains and expansive skies. 

As the composition progresses, the arrival of guitar and vocals initiates a transformative shift, steering the trajectory toward a more folk-oriented realm. The spotlight pivots onto the soulful vocals and the lustrous tones of the guitar, placing narrative and vocal harmonies at the forefront of the musical narrative. 

Notably, the violin interlaces the other sounds, contributing an additional stratum of emotional profundity. “Once a Passion” exudes a solemn and almost stoic ambiance, with a cover art that aptly mirrors the emotional resonance of the song. The contemplative gaze into the horizon depicted in the artwork resonates with the tranquil yet poignant atmosphere the composition evokes, leaving the listener with a profound sense of inner peace.