Ashley Puckett’s song “Tequila” is a heartfelt and honest single that brilliantly showcases her singing and songwriting skills. The song is relatable and melodic, with a bridge that stands out as a highlight, tying the whole track together. The chorus of “Tequila” is undeniably catchy, with Puckett’s strong, melodic voice delivering the memorable refrain with gusto. The song is an introspective piece that dives into the theme of drowning one’s sorrows in alcohol, or looking to the bottle for inspiration, courage, or acceptance.

Ashley’s songwriting is on full display in this track, as she weaves together verses that are both witty and poignant. The lyrics are clever, relatable, and tell a clear narrative that many listeners can connect with. The song showcases Puckett’s powerful vocals and her ability to convey a gamut of emotions through her music. Its catchy melody and relatable lyrics make “Tequila” a song that is hard to forget.

Ashley Puckett, originally from North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, realized her passion for music at a young age. She performed at vocal competitions and community events, and eventually, landed at open-mic nights and shows in bars and clubs, doing anything to keep the music and her passion alive. Her musical influences have been empowering, shaping the artist she has become. At age sixteen, Ashley picked up the guitar, began writing songs, and the adventurous country girl hit the road.

Ashley’s debut album, “Never Say Never,” was made a reality with the help of world-class Singer/Songwriter/Producer, Bryan Cole, and Lead Sound Engineer, Doug Kasper at Tonic Studios, along with legendary musicians Mike Brignardello (bass), John Willis (banjo), Mike Johnson (Steel Guitar), Heidi Engel and Tammy Petty (Background Vocals), and hot newcomer, Adam Ernst.

“Tequila” is a fantastic single from Ashley Puckett, and a great showcase of her skill as a singer and songwriter. It’s surprising that this is her first self-penned single, as the writing is layered and nuanced. With its infectious melody, relatable lyrics, and powerful vocal performance, there’s no doubt that “Tequila” is a hit in the making. Ashley Puckett is setting herself up as more than just an artist, musician, and performer, but a bonafide songwriting powerhouse.