Backwoods Creek’s new song, “Alright”, is a much-needed positive energy in this day and age where things are not always easy to understand. This UK-based rock band has once again proved that they are masters in the art of making music not only for the heart but also for the soul. “Alright” is a song that reflects the desire to keep moving forward even when things are not going as planned. This is the effect of the catchy chorus, which is created to be uncomplicated yet powerfully effectual. It is almost impossible not to be humming along with the chorus immediately.

The track is showcasing giant riffs, a tight rhythmic section, and a five-part vocal harmony that turns the song into an anthem. Backwoods Creek has not only brought us a song but also a mantra that we can use to feel good. This mantra will help us forget about the problems we have and will make us feel like we are floating on air. “Alright” is not just a song—it is a journey, one that finishes by making us sure, motivated, and, of course, feeling alright.