Hailing from the enchantingly beautiful city of Bristol, United Kingdom, Chandra is an excellent singer-songwriter who makes some really good music, with the guitar being his primary instrument. His music is a genuine reminder that life, even with its struggles, is worth smiling about. Chandra’s own experiences and challenges in everyday life have informed the song’s theme, and he hopes that by sharing his journey through his music, he can help others have better days.

“Smile (No Fox Gibbon)” by Chandra is a refreshing alternative pop song that has been hailed as one of the finest in recent times. The song is a euphoric journey that effortlessly combines catchy pop elements with an infectious beat, giving it an irresistible charm. The song’s theme revolves around embracing one’s true self and breaking free from societal norms and inhibitions.

Chandra’s voice, sweet and inviting, is the perfect vehicle for the song’s uplifting message. His high-level lyrical prowess makes listeners connect to his songs in an instant. The lyrics, like “Start grinning, start winning, less fox gibbon, and it’s starting to show,” encourage a sense of liberation, urging us to embrace our inner selves, our “little monsters,” as he calls them, and let them shine through.

The music video for “Smile (No Fox Gibbon)” is a visual delight, amplifying the song’s message of carefree joy. Chandra’s boundless energy and charisma shine through as he dances and revels in the simple pleasures of life. The video brings together people from all over the world as they share their own personal moments of joy, aligning perfectly with the song’s overarching theme—the universality of a smile. The production and instrumentation on this track are stellar and filled with catchy elements. The energetic guitar riffs and the rhythmic pulse of the drums provide a vibrant canvas upon which Chandra paints his musical masterpiece.