Cosmic Ninja’s new EP, “Filth”, emerges as a powerful force, solidifying their status as innovators in the UK’s music landscape. This release is a testament to their dynamic sound and explosive stage presence, marking a significant milestone in their career. “Filth” is a bold declaration of the band’s artistic identity, showcasing their knack for blending diverse musical elements with a punk spirit that defies any attempts to box them into a single genre.

Under the expert production of John Mitchell at Outhouse Studios in Reading, “Filth” vibrates with an energy and intensity that is rare and captivating. The EP cleverly fuses fervent political commentary with a mix of electrifying electronics and commanding riffs, creating a sound that is unmistakably Cosmic Ninja. Each track carries the band’s signature DNA, yet stands out for its distinctiveness and innovative approach.

The content of “Filth” is as compelling as its sound, with lyrics that dive into the heart of current social and political discourse, including themes of injustice, equality, and mental health. Cosmic Ninja’s dedication to these issues lends a profound authenticity to their music, making their message not just powerful but essential. The EP’s range, from its emotionally charged raps to its memorable choruses, demonstrates the band’s versatility and ambition.

“Filth” represents a pinnacle in Cosmic Ninja’s journey, highlighting their growth as musicians and their commitment to making music that resonates on a deeper level. It’s an essential listen for those who value thought-provoking lyrics and boundary-pushing soundscapes, cementing Cosmic Ninja’s place as a band that not only entertains but inspires.