Alt-folk rising star Eden J Howells has released their debut EP, “the fool,” which takes listeners on a sensational journey through the artist’s life experiences over the last few years. As a young, queer, neurodiverse person in the 21st century, Eden explores themes such as mental health, breakups, astrology, and ego. The EP’s title is inspired by the tarot card, the Fool, symbolizing the unknown.

The opening track, “ordinary,” is a raw and emotional tale of childhood, struggles with mental health, and the desire to be “like an ordinary person”. Eden’s cutting yet soothing vocals are accompanied by bittersweet sounds of infancy and nostalgia, with tasteful sound bites infused into the song.

“mercury,” the second track, presents a mystical and polyrhythmic soundscape that pays homage to some of Eden’s greatest musical inspirations, such as Hozier, Half Moon Run, and Ben Howard. The third track, “nice enough,” is a country-inspired, tongue-in-cheek ode to ego and pride in the queer dating scene. It stands out as a bold shift from the more melancholic tracks on the EP.

The final track, “too sick,” is a vivid breakup ballad detailing the breakdown of a passionate but volatile romance. This song first appeared on Eden’s homemade demo EP, “bedroom tapes vol. 1 (the heartbreak edition)”.

Eden is a London-based trans and queer creative, a multi-instrumentalist, writer, and self-acclaimed wordsmith. They have been making music since the age of 15 and have released several singles and demo projects. Eden is a Help-Musicians supported artist and has been participating in the Help Musicians Co-Pilot Mentoring scheme since March 2023.

“the fool” is a deeply personal and artistic exploration of Eden’s experiences, showcasing their unique voice and talent. The EP is a testament to their dedication to honesty and authenticity, making it a compelling listen for fans of alt-folk and those seeking a fresh perspective on life’s complexities.