Fernandez’s latest offering, “Be Free,” is a mesmerizing blend of genres that showcases the Australian songwriter and vocalist’s versatile artistry. Rooted in Cinematic Trip-hop, the track also weaves elements of Roots, Soul, Jazz, and popular music, creating a rich, textured soundscape that’s both innovative and familiar.

The track begins with an atmospheric introduction, setting the stage for Fernandez’s soulful vocals. Her voice, both haunting and comforting, draws listeners into a narrative of liberation and self-discovery. The fusion of cinematic elements with trip-hop beats creates a hypnotic rhythm that’s hard to resist. The subtle incorporation of jazz and soul influences adds depth and complexity to the composition, making it a track that reveals new layers with each listen.

Greg J Walker’s production is impeccable, as expected from the renowned esoteric producer. His experience with artists like Paul Kelly and C.W Stoneking, and his acclaimed work under Machine Translations, shines through. The production balances the experimental with the accessible, never overwhelming Fernandez’s vocals but rather complementing them perfectly.

“Be Free” is a standout track in Fernandez’s upcoming Cinematic Alternative Pop album. The songwriting is introspective and poignant, reflecting a maturity in Fernandez’s artistic journey. The collaboration with Walker has evidently brought out the best in her, resulting in a track that’s not only a testament to her talent but also a promising indicator of the album’s potential.