Void Sweet Void by Ghost Prom immediately drew me in and held my interest throughout. The opening track, “5AM,” kicks off with an indie rock vibe that beautifully combines melancholy undertones with catchy melodies. 

Throughout the album, shades of revered artists like Yo La Tengo and The Shins emerge, creating a rich emotional landscape. “Destroy” shines as a standout, blending tender nostalgia with a resilient spirit, offering a deeply immersive experience, especially when listened to through headphones. 

What distinguishes this album is its seamless transition between introspective moments and powerful sonic bursts. Tracks like “I’m So Tired” and “Gramma” masterfully embody this balance. “My Buddy” introduces an engaging alt-country vibe reminiscent of Wilco, while “Murray’s Song” carries a reflective, somber mood. Each track resonates, making this album a true gem. It firmly secures its spot among my top favorites of the year, showcasing Ghost Prom’s exceptional artistry and emotional depth that lingers well beyond the final note.