Giselle & Erik’s EP “Healing” is a poignant and cathartic collection of songs that beautifully encapsulates the duo’s personal journey through life-threatening health issues and their subsequent healing process. The EP is a blend of 1960s soft rock, folk, and Brazilian influences, with Giselle’s warm, lyrical voice and mellow piano paired with Erik’s jazz and classical guitar.

The EP opens with “Take It All Away” and concludes with the hopeful “Full Glass of Life,” both of which are beautifully sung by Giselle, accompanied by Erik’s rolling guitar, and sweetened with vocal harmonies. Other highlights include Giselle’s piano on the gentle ‘Heal’ and Erik’s Brazilian guitar on ‘I’ve Been Thinking’. In terms of lyrics, Giselle demonstrates a knack for storytelling, weaving narratives that are both personal and relatable. Her classical training is evident not just in her vocal technique but also in the sophisticated structure of the songs.

The duo, originally from Orlando and Gainesville, Florida, and currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, have a genre-crossing style that melds their roots in folk and jazz. Both Giselle and Erik are songwriters, offering their audiences a collection of original music that pairs Giselle’s warm, lyrical voice and mellow piano with the sweet sounds of Erik’s jazz and classical guitar.

Erik was born with a congenital heart condition called Bicuspid Aortic Stenosis and has endured two open-heart surgeries. The duo’s EP “Healing” is a vulnerable documentation of their attempt to grapple with life and death and the fear of the unknown. They hope that sharing their story can help others heal, too.

Giselle Felice is a vocalist, songwriter, and creative entrepreneur from Orlando, Florida. As a child, Giselle sang for the TV show, Barney & Friends, and later produced her first singer/songwriter album, “A Passing By,” while in high school. She was selected as a composer for The Canales Project’s Hear Her Song 2021-22 season and was featured at TEDxUF as both a speaker and singer/songwriter for her talk, “I Challenge the Patriarchal Norm One Song at a Time” (2021).

“Healing” is a deeply personal and emotionally resonant EP that showcases Giselle & Erik’s musical talent and their ability to transform personal adversity into a universal message of hope and resilience.