Izzy Skinner is an accomplished artist with a rich background in classical and jazz music. She discovered her love for music at the Little Yarra Steiner school and further honed her skills at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School and the University of Melbourne, where she completed a Bachelor of Music and an honours year. Currently, she is studying Sound Production and Engineering. Izzy Skinner’s musical journey has seen her transition from classical and jazz to composing, equipping her with a unique perspective that shines through in her compositions.

Izzy Skinner’s album “Myriad” is a testament to her innovative musical vision. The album showcases her exceptional talent as a violinist, songwriter, and vocalist. Her classical and jazz background is evident throughout the album, as she demonstrates her prowess as a composer and performer. The album features a blend of different genres, including First Nations music and Carnatic Indian ragas, showcasing Skinner’s versatility and creativity. One of the most striking aspects of “Myriad” is the seamless integration of Skinner’s violin playing into the songs, creating a bountiful and beautiful sound. Her enchanting voice effortlessly draws listeners into her musical world, displaying a range that transitions between emotive vulnerability and fiery determination.

Izzy Skinner’s love for experimentation is evident in her work. She has explored effects pedals and different/modern music, which adds a fascinating layer to her compositions. This love for experimentation, coupled with her distinct vocal prowess, creates a sonic tapestry that is as enchanting as it is innovative. Izzy Skinner’s “Myriad” is a captivating musical journey that brings together the best of classical, jazz, and various other influences. Skinner’s remarkable violin skills, coupled with her distinct vocal prowess, create a sonic tapestry that is as enchanting as it is innovative. With an underlying message of empowerment and self-belief, “Myriad” not only showcases Skinner’s musical talents but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists to boldly embrace their creative instincts. This album is a testament to Izzy Skinner’s musical evolution and her ability to craft a truly unique and unforgettable listening experience.