Juliette Louise’s latest track “Alive” is a testament to the power of collaboration in music. Blending her hauntingly beautiful vocals with Jamie Thomson’s masterful production, “Alive” is a standout drum and bass track that resonates with emotional depth and musical sophistication.

Louise’s background as a classical musician, playing violin and piano, enriches the track with a refined musicality. Her transition from classical roots to a more contemporary sound is seamless, creating a unique fusion that is both refreshing and familiar. Jamie Thomson’s experience in the dance and electronic pop genres is evident in the production. His work in the post-punk/alternative-indie band Alba Fury adds an edgy and innovative flair to the track, while his keen understanding of dance music’s pulse gives “Alive” its vibrant energy.

The songwriting process, facilitated by their mutual connection with mastering engineer Philip Marsden, showcases the magic that happens when artists with different backgrounds but a shared vision come together. The result is a track that is not only technically impressive but also emotionally captivating. The lyrics speak of the rejuvenating power of love, a theme that resonates universally, while the music’s upbeat tempo and rhythmic complexities keep listeners engaged and moving.

Both artists bring their unique strengths to the table, with Juliette’s expressive singing and Jamie’s dynamic production. The track was recorded with the involvement of both artists at their respective studios in New York and Edinburgh, blending their distinct musical influences seamlessly.

Their previous experiences, like Juliette’s performance on BBC Introducing and her gigs around London, and Jamie’s work with various record labels and participation in songwriting camps, have clearly shaped their approach to music. This wealth of experience is evident in the maturity and depth of “Alive.”

“Alive” is not just a song; it’s a story of artistic convergence. It’s a celebration of how different musical paths can intersect to create something truly special. Juliette Louise and Jamie Thomson have not just created a track; they’ve crafted an experience that resonates with the soul and leaves the listener feeling, quite fittingly, more alive.