Kaibald is an Estonian band with an international background, inspired by the Estonian island of Hiiumaa. The band’s sound explores the boundaries between blues, rock, western, and country genres, with desert-like guitar tones and rich vocal timbres creating vivid imagery for the listener. Formed in January 2020, the band consists of Liisi (lead singer), Riho (guitar), Don (drums), and Mike (bass). Their songs are born in a small sauna-house deep in the forests of Hiiumaa, and they have collaborated with Estonia’s best mixer/masterer/recorder of 2021, Peeter Salmela.

“You Don’t Make Me Feel” is a song by Kaibald that showcases the band’s unique blend of genres and their ability to create a cinematic atmosphere in their music. The song features Liisi’s distinct vocal tone, which brings thoughtful lyrics to the audience, allowing each listener to create their own story in their mind. The instrumentation is rich and engaging, with desert-like guitar tones and a solid rhythm section that supports the song’s emotional core. The band’s international background and diverse influences are evident in the song’s fusion of Americana, blues, and pop-rock elements, making it a captivating listening experience. Overall, “You Don’t Make Me Feel” is a testament to Kaibald’s talent for crafting original and evocative music that resonates with listeners on a deep emotional level.