The new single of Larusta & The Dead Dogs, “Who Cares When You’re Not There?” is a brilliant journey into the complexity of alternative rock music. It is a mixture of the melancholic and the introspective, and it reminds one of the dark intensity found in the music of Nick Cave, the artistic finesse of PJ Harvey, and the lyrical melancholia of Lana Del Rey The song magnificently evokes the feeling of longing and loss, it tells a story that is very touching and which is relatable to anyone who has ever dealt with the heartbreaking waters of broken relationships.

The song uses the power of metaphors and imagery to depict a deep sense of loneliness and unfulfilled dreams. A toothbrush that is worn out and a favorite coat are examples of this. These are the items that are turned into the symbols of a past that is filled with memories. The music in the song is as deep as its lyrics are, with the sound design being carefully crafted to provide a sensitive backdrop to the emotional storyline, from a powerful verse to a stirring chorus that leaves a lasting impression. “Who Cares When You’re Not There?” is more than just a song, it is an emotional journey and it is a testimony that Larusta & The Dead Dogs are significant voices in the alternative music scene.