The Italian singer-songwriter, Lorenzo Gabanizza, who won the most important award in his country, has once again worked with the multi-platinum artist Jeff Christie on their new song “Rainy Day Man” which was released on March 8th. This collaboration is the continuation of their previous singles which already have over 1 million streams on Spotify. The chemistry between Lorenzo and Christie is unmistakable, which is evidenced in the way that they combine their different styles to create a song that touches the listeners on a personal level.

Christie, the legendary ex-lead singer of the rock band Christie, who had the hit “Yellow River” in the charts, brings his voice and experience to the partnership. “Rainy Day Man” is a song that makes one fall in love with its beautiful melody, thoughtful lyrics, and an amazing combination of Gabanizza’s songwriting genius and Christie’s exceptional vocal ability. This song is proof of their powerful combo, and most likely it will be a song that will shake the hearts of many.