Noah Bates’ latest single, “Gotta Go”, is an impressive manifestation of his indie-pop skills, which are seen as a milestone in his fast-rising musical career. This song, which comes from Bates’ first experience in music production, is a symbol of a critical moment in which Noah had to make a decision about his life and his career. Firstly, “Gotta Go” was recorded at the music camp and later on, in the bedroom, a setting that is intimate. The song is representative of the universal struggle of choice, to stay or to leave. Noah’s impact of musical legends such as Tears for Fears and Harry Styles is visible, where he managed to mix a modern indie-pop sound with the depth and introspection of classic rock and pop.

The release of his debut single “Coffee In Japan”, was a great success for Noah. With the new single, “Gotta Go” he aims to establish himself as a new voice in music, bringing together emotional lyrics and catchy melodies. The story of Bates’ transition from an independent artist to a worldwide sensation, having a foothold in UK and US, is just beginning, and “Gotta Go” is the proof of his art and future.