Pete Miller’s debut album “Live On Record” is a breath of fresh air for fans of raw and authentic music. With a rich voice reminiscent of Johnny Cash, Miller’s album features elements of folk, country, and rock, showcasing his introspective and poetic storytelling abilities. Born and raised in Connecticut, Miller currently resides in Pennsylvania, working blue-collar jobs while pursuing his music dream. His music is characterized by its raw, unpolished, and unfiltered nature, channeling the spirits of Johnny Cash and Townes Van Zandt.

“Live On Record” has been well-received, with the first single “A Light Out There” racking up over 80K Spotify streams and hitting the UK iTunes Top 20 Singer-Songwriters Chart. Critics have praised Miller’s deep and rich voice, his captivating sense of style and rhythm, and his charming acoustic guitar arrangements. The album’s nine tracks are beautifully crafted, featuring thought-provoking and sentimental numbers that resonate with listeners.

Pete Miller’s background includes working in landscaping, moving to a Vermont farm for six months, and eventually settling in Pennsylvania. He works in warehouses, lumber yards, and construction while studying mechanics part-time. Miller’s music is a reflection of his blue-collar lifestyle, and his “everyman songs” resonate with fans who appreciate his authentic and unpretentious approach to songwriting.