Figure This Out, Ranch Hands’ latest four-track EP, immediately grabbed my attention right from the start. Among its tracks, “Arbor Court” shone as an exceptional standout. Its seamless blend of disparate sounds felt reminiscent of Florist’s “Sci-Fi Silence,” a track that’s been a staple in my playlist this year. The way each instrument found its place, effortlessly synchronizing, was truly impressive. 

“Dogdogdogdogdog,” a heartfelt ode to a dog as the title suggests, managed to resonate with me despite my preference for cats. The music beautifully captured the sentiment, complemented by delightful vocals and well-coordinated instrumentals. For anyone who has had a relationship with a dog this song will deeply resonant with you and possibly make you shed a tear. It was unexpectedly moving.

Though “Sour Candy” and “Big House” didn’t strike the same chord with me as the initial tracks, their songwriting remained solid, contributing to the EP’s overall depth. 

Emotions poured out from every track, showcasing Ranch Hands’ impressive range. This EP leaves me eager for more from this Ranch Hands. With such a strong debut, I’m excited to witness their evolution and what they bring forth next.