“Deep Rooted” by Rashad Eas is a monumental addition to the NC hip-hop scene and a powerful testament to the artist’s evolving craft. Known for his previous hits like “PERFECT,” “USE YOUR HEAD,” and “LIFE OF A LEADER,” Rashad Eas takes a bold step forward with this latest creation. The single sets itself apart with live instrumentation, a daring move that pays off by adding a new dimension to his already impressive sound.

Rashad’s lyrical prowess is on full display in “Deep Rooted.” He delves into complex societal issues with intelligence and insight, making the track not just a song but a proverb for our times. His collaboration with co-creator and friend Bgodbody elevates the track, showcasing their collective talent as lyricists and agents of change. Together, they address challenging realities while paying homage to hip-hop culture.

The standout feature of “Deep Rooted” is its ability to connect with a diverse audience. The opening bar, “Black Don’t Crack unless you smoke it, The youth won’t grow if the truth ain’t spoken,” sets the tone for a song that transcends typical hip-hop boundaries. It’s a universal call to action, resonating with anyone who values unity, compassion, and the need to reach out to the youth.

Overall, “Deep Rooted” is a masterful blend of raw emotion, sharp lyrics, and musical innovation. Rashad Eas continues to push the envelope, proving once again why he is a trailblazer in the hip-hop community. This track is not just for hip-hop enthusiasts; it’s a meaningful piece for anyone who believes in the power of music to inspire and bring about positive change.