Snakey Dublay’s first single, “Pains World” is a pulsating trip through the bleak edges of post-punk, reflecting the artist’s musicality and sound architecture skills. Pounding guitars that thump along with the bass and drums that drive the music produce a sound of chaotic harmony that is both striking and unique. The duo is responsible for projects such as Haunted Horses and Stickers, and Daisyheroin which is a joint audio/visual endeavor. With this experience, Snakey Dublay designs a soundscape that incorporates abrasive sounds and carefully crafted harmonies.

“Pains World” not only introduces him as an artist but also portrays the confluence between the flurry of energy with the melodious gold. This song is an affirmation of Snakey Dublay’s talent for traveling along the rough waters of post-punk, which is a skill that can only be possessed by a few people.