Spirits Of Saturn’s ‘Transfigured’ is an entrancing exploration of the emotional landscapes that unfold in the wake of relationships. With its recording roots in the acclaimed Loop Studios in Manchester, and boasting the polished mixing and mastering skills of Superorganism’s Tucan, this track stands out as a lustrous gem in the realm of synth-pop ballads.

‘Transfigured’ is intricately layered with dynamic synthesizer and string melodies, creating a vibrant auditory experience reminiscent of a glowing neon fabric. Building upon the foundational successes of their initial hits, ‘Feelings Agency’ and ‘100mph’, this song ventures deeper into the heart of emotional transformation post-breakup. It thoughtfully delves into the journey of gaining perspective, crafting narratives, and ultimately transfiguring emotions through time. Spirits Of Saturn delivers an uplifting and profound message of healing, making ‘Transfigured’ a resonant anthem for those navigating the path of emotional renewal.