TABLE 4 1’s ‘Spaceman’ is a triumphant testament to Harry’s unwavering passion for songwriting. This track is a shining example of indie rock’s timeless allure, harking back to the sounds of iconic bands like Cage The Elephant. What sets ‘Spaceman’ apart, however, is the raw emotional depth Harry injects into every lyric. His voice, steeped in sincerity and a touch of melancholy, transforms a seemingly simple melody into a compelling narrative.

The song’s true highlight is the masterful saxophone solo by Alex Govan, adding a layer of sophistication and soul that elevates the track to new heights. Recorded in 2021 and becoming a crowd favorite during Cigarette Social Club’s live shows, ‘Spaceman’ is more than just a song; it’s a journey through the cosmos of human emotion, guided by Harry’s poignant storytelling and musical evolution.