Rooted in the vibrant musical scene of New York City, The Sense emerges as an American rock band crafting modern original compositions that draw from an array of influences spanning rock, folk, R&B and more. The lineup includes Allen Rosso on vocals, JT Oakar on guitar, Jesse Silliman on bass, Riyo Osanai on backing vocals and Isaac Pincus on percussion. 

Kicking off their sonic exploration EP2 with the groove-laden “I’ll Be Damned,” The Sense immediately establishes a dynamic presence. 

This track, a personal favorite from the quartet, radiates an infectious vibe and a healthy dose of attitude, making it a potential live show opener that compels the audience to move in unison. In stark contrast to the funk-infused opener, “Black Magic Marker” shifts gears, embracing an almost Eastern and meditative vibe. This track exemplifies The Sense’s ability to traverse diverse musical terrain, showcasing their range and versatility. 

Segueing into a folky narrative, the subsequent song unfolds as a genuine and soulful ballad exploring themes of heartbreak, romantic relationships and the human condition. The sweet and tender declaration of love, coupled with vocal nuances reminiscent of Bob Dylan, is heightened by the captivating harmonies of the female vocals, creating a poignant sonic experience. “Heartbreak Remains” conjures nostalgic memories of college nights, where impromptu jam sessions with bongos and acoustic guitars were commonplace. The song captures that laid-back atmosphere, but The Sense elevates it to new heights, showcasing their musical prowess. In this release, The Sense demonstrates their versatility, effortlessly transitioning between dance-inducing rhythms and soul-stirring ballads. 

Ultimately, the band encapsulates the core reason people turn to music – to be emotionally moved, whether on the dance floor or through heartfelt introspection.