Lo-Fi, the latest offering from Tuesday X, unfolds like a sprawling double album, housing fifteen tracks brimming with the artist’s signature soundscapes and introspective lyricism. The journey commences with the haunting opener “Ignis Fatuus,” where ethereal strums intertwine with evocative vocals and shifting pads, setting a poignant tone for what lies ahead. However, the sonic landscape takes a sharp turn with “New,” a departure into the realms of lo-fi pop punk, characterized by gritty drums and infectious hooks.

Amidst the tracks, standout moments emerge, notably in “CPR,” where delicate guitar melodies intertwine with soulful vocals, evoking a sense of melancholic beauty. It’s in these stripped-back performances that Tuesday X truly shines, as evidenced by tracks like “Two Jobs,” “The Morning’s Never Been So Cold,” and “Complicated/Bored.” While Lo-Fi showcases glimpses of brilliance, there’s a sense of yearning for a more pronounced exploration of the album’s quieter, more introspective moments. At times, the lo-fi aesthetic feels overly pervasive on the songs with drums and more elements. 

Nevertheless, Tuesday X’s songwriting prowess shines through, hinting at a promising trajectory for the artist’s future endeavors. Ultimately, Lo-Fi stands as a testament to Tuesday X’s talent and artistic vision, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating what lies ahead for the artist.