“Skyscraper” by WCB is a powerful and emotive single that brilliantly showcases the artist’s unique voice and songwriting prowess. Originally from Auckland, NZ, and now based in Sydney’s inner-west, WCB’s latest release from his forthcoming EP resonates with a deep sense of personal and political awareness.

The song serves as a poignant ‘love’ letter to men in politics, particularly those who have historically marginalized diverse groups and resisted change. WCB’s lyrics are both incisive and reflective, criticizing the elite’s disconnect from the everyday lives of the people, while also expressing hope for a gradual psychological shift towards greater acceptance and understanding. He vividly captures the struggle of growing up in a world where being different often means being minimized or excluded.

Musically, “Skyscraper” blends haunting melodies with a subtle yet impactful arrangement, allowing WCB’s voice to take center stage. The production is crisp and polished, showcasing his skills not just as a singer-songwriter but also as a producer. The song’s structure perfectly complements its message, with crescendos that mirror the rising hope and resilience WCB describes.

WCB’s reference to “Skyscraper” as a metaphor for the elite, looking down upon the ‘worker bees’, is particularly striking. It challenges listeners to recognize the value of every individual’s contribution to society, regardless of their position or status. The song is a call to embrace change and evolve beyond the constraints of traditional norms, embracing one’s true identity.

“Skyscraper” is more than just a song; it’s a statement, a rallying cry for change and acceptance. WCB has not only created a beautiful piece of music but also a meaningful and timely message that resonates with many. His ability to weave complex themes into his music while maintaining an accessible and engaging sound is truly commendable. This track is a testament to his talent and a promising sign of what’s to come in his upcoming EP.