‘Poetry’ was released on VLF Records and came nearly three years after her last musical release. The wistfully existential love song is wonderfully intricate, slowly builds and takes us on a journey of a dress made by fairies, through words and sounds. The song is as poetic as its title assumes and slowly builds towards a theatrical crescendo with the addition of buzzing instrumental layers to its soundscape. The song was produced by Bill Ryder-Jones, and talks about a close friend, and discussing religion.

“‘It’s all poetry’ is something a close friend said one day when we were discussing the bible during one of our marathon playground chats. Having no religion, this came as news to me and the seed of this idea stuck with me for ages.” Saint Saviour’s sound is a mesmerising one, hard to ever shake off, she gives a contemplating feeling, the need to listen, and think again. “‘Poetry’ is ultimately a song about embracing the terrifying and ecstatic mystery of love, a message to impart on children as they grasp the world around them in innocent wonder.”

Its message and softly spoken vocals only add to this feeling of wonder, and the need to embrace and grow into a life of wonder. On her latest song, Becky added: “I’ve written this song at a time when life has been thrown into high contrast, and the biblical metaphors are suddenly more resonant. Nevertheless it’s an existential song about embracing the great mystery of love.” The song comes with a video filmed around the mouth of the Tees where James grew up. The footage comes from a series of films she’s always loved, and focused on the industrial breakdown of the area and how local characters thrive alternatively. “Interacting with nature, finding wonder in an unlikely place.” And that’s exactly what it is, a video showing mundane scenes, yet elevated by the sound of ‘Poetry’, bringing a sense of serene wonder to these scenes!