Recently, Sody returned with her tongue-in-cheek banger “Star Potential,” which questions the expectations placed on young artists in the music industry. It also serves as a fist-pumping anthem that you can sing out loud to. Prior to that, Sody collaborated with Mae Muller, Beren Olivia, Cat Burns, and Rachel Chinouriri on Dylan’s single “Every Heart But Mine.” This year has already been filled with numerous new music releases, and fans can expect even more brilliance from Sody, who is just getting started.

Speaking about her latest release, Sody explains that “Frozen Lake” captures the feeling of being trapped and unable to break free. The song was inspired by a recurring dream in which she discovered that she was being held back in certain areas of her life and felt unfulfilled with the direction she was heading. This resonated with her career at the time but can also be applied to certain relationships.

Sody’s approach to raw songwriting has proven to be a winning formula throughout her career. Just two years after her debut song, she released her demo “Whole,” which remained on Spotify’s “Most Beautiful Songs in the World” playlist for three consecutive years. Sody then went on to release two EPs, “I’m Sorry, I’m Not Sorry” (2019) and “Real Growth Takes Time” (2020), both of which contributed to her exponentially growing audience. These EP releases and subsequent tracks produced a collection of popular singles that captivated a growing global audience. From the versatile mid-tempo track “Butterfly” (2019) to the emotionally introspective collaboration with Cavetown titled “Is Your Bedroom Ceiling Bored?” (2020), and the brutally honest “Bitch (I Said It)” in 2021, Sody’s tracks showcased both versatility and strength.