Sody’s endearingly vulnerable storytelling has proven to be a defining characteristic of her work. From grappling with the expectations faced by young artists in ‘Star Potential’, to feeling unfulfilled with her life in ‘Frozen Lake’, the 22-year-old’s unfiltered autobiographical songwriting has become even more captivating in recent singles.  

New record ‘Trust’ continues to establish Sody as one of the most exciting rising names. Showcasing the Londoner’s signature heart on the line lyricism, the track holds an authentic sense of relatability that is guaranteed to be well received by fans. 

Filled with poignant imagery, the track poetically describes the soul-crushing experience of giving your all to someone and only getting hurt in return. Exploring themes of betrayal and hurt alongside hints of self-empowerment, ‘Trust’ perfectly captures the non-linear process of finding yourself again following a breakup. On the meaning behind the new track, Sody explains: 

“Trust was written for anyone who has had their [heart] broken and have been left to pick up the pieces.  It’s about finding your way through the confusion of their betrayal, acknowledging it and then accepting that you’re actually better off without them. It’s happened to me in both my personal life and in my career in the last few years so this was very cathartic to write!”

With thumping percussive beats and driving basslines, the track feels as cathartic as it is heartbreaking. A catchy guitar-laden chorus secures ‘Trust’ as an anthem of progression and overcoming hardship, as Sody’s ethereal vocals are placed at the front and centre. 

Guitars and crashing drums culminate to create a climactic finale. Loaded with raw emotion and rhetorical questions, the heart-wrenching bridge to the final chorus seems to serve as a direct letter to the former lover. Unapologetic and brutally honest, it serves as a powerful ending speaking to Sody’s growth as both an artist and an individual.