The Lethargics’ EP titled “Meteorite b/w Shelter In Place” is a delightful double A-side release that showcases the band’s unique blend of Americana. Hailing from Knoxville, TN, The Lethargics have crafted two captivating tracks that will make the wait for new material more bearable.

The initial track, “Meteorite,” is a precise and dynamic rock song with rough vocals, confident guitar, and bold bass and drums. It possesses a strong and lively quality that will surely make you tap your foot. Conversely, “Shelter In Place” is imbued with a Springsteen-inspired sadness, reminiscent of the type of song that the Boss himself would have been content to write during his “Devils & Dust” period. This track demonstrates the band’s capacity to evoke profound emotions through their music, making it an ideal companion to the more cheerful “Meteorite.”

The EP “Meteorite b/w Shelter In Place” by The Lethargics is an exceptional release that showcases the band’s skill and versatility. Combining Americana, rock, and heartfelt storytelling, this EP is a must-listen for both fans of the genre and newcomers.