The Midnight River Crew’s EP “N8- The MRC At KonK Studios” is a brilliant collection of soulful storytelling and acoustic excellence, featuring the amazing skills of the crew members Mark Johnson, Isabella Coulstock, Phil Johnson, and other collaborators. Recording at the legendary Konk Studios in North London—a place that boasts a rich musical heritage as a home to The Kinks—means that this EP features a masterfully crafted selection of songs that touch the hearts of listeners.

Isabella Coulstock’s vocals and piano, in a way, infuse the EP with a hypnotic depth. It is the result of her experience as a live solo performer who used to open for legends like Jools Holland and The Who. Mark Johnson, the pillar of the band, Midnight River Crew, as the main songwriter and guitarist, expresses his personal stories in a unique way by a combination of acoustic guitar work and meaningful lyrics. His serious songs for serious people approach is the highlight of the EP, where he shows how much he is influenced by Ray Davies, Nina Simone, and others.

The production and mixing by Al Drake Brockman, together with George Chung, give the listener a blanket of warm and intimate sounds that at the same time are contemporary and timeless. The ukulele by Phil Johnson is another contribution to the EP and the bonus track which features collaboration between Jeff Root and Johnny Steinberg is another unique feature of the EP. These elements contribute to the overall listening experience which is engaging from the start to the end.

What really distinguishes “N8-The MRC At KonK Studios” is its authenticity and the fact that it was done with great passion. Each song represents a story, being held up by the detailed arrangements and a true love for the art of music-making. This EP is not only a collection of tunes but the very trip through the feelings and memories of its authors. It is a must-hear for everyone who values storytelling through music, and proof that The Midnight River Crew is one of the many bands that have helped shape the contemporary music scene.