Hi! Congratulations on the release of ‘Beneath the Topsoil’! The album sounds fantastic. What inspired you to create it?

A: I’ve always been able to write songs, but for many reasons never learned the technical craft concerning recording and production. So I finally made the effort over the past few months, and probably my own sense of being older and the passing of time spurred me on to get it finished, age is my inspiration!

What is your favorite track on the album and why?

A: ‘I Stand Alone’. It is one of the earliest songs I wrote, I would often play through the opening chords but rarely perform the whole song. When it came to recording it though, the sparse arrangement gave me ideas about using some samples to add atmosphere, I liked the idea of a crackling fire before these weird, strange lyrics kick in, like a spooky campfire setting, I really liked that idea. The lyrics are inspired by a Gaspar Noé film of the same name, and the twin vocals were captured in one take each which I felt really captured the spirit of the song well, so I’m quite proud of it.

Where was it recorded?

A: It was recorded in my living room.

I’m interested in how you began your musical journey. Did you always know that this was your true passion?

A: I’ve always loved music, from an early age – about 9 years old – I can remember standing transfixed listening to the songs of A-ha coming through the speakers. They were my first true musical love. I didn’t realise I had any great musical playing skills until much later. I’ve always had a guitar lying about, but I clearly remember one day back in 2012 just playing a bit more than usual, and suddenly I was finger picking quite naturally in a fairly complex way, I thought to myself ‘now there’s something!’

Your music blends various styles and sounds in a captivating manner. If given the opportunity, who would be your ideal collaborator and what is the reason behind your choice?

A: I would love to collaborate with John Maus; I love his use of strange medieval chord changes and other influences with some of his music, I find it immensely nostalgic and transcendent. I love the emotion, energy and melody he gets into his music, and I would love to learn from his expertise and translate some of that witchy power into my own sound.

What has been your favorite musical experience so far?

A: Probably singing a really subversive song called ‘Black Leather Heart’ in a church in Dumbarton on the 10th of May 2013.

Where are you located? Can you describe how the local music scene has influenced your sound in any way?

A: I am located in Glasgow, a big city in the west of Scotland. The sheer number of musicians and the constant music scene inspires me daily to produce and write, though I am not really tuned into any contemporary bands that are influencing my sound, not here at least.

If you had the opportunity to perform at any venue worldwide, which one would you choose and why?

A: Inside that new sphere thing in Las Vegas, it looks crazy in there!

What was the first album you remember owning?

A: A-ha’s ‘Hunting High and Low’.

Finally, do you have anything to share about upcoming gigs? Also, what are your plans for 2024?

A: I have no immediate plans to play live, though I am getting back into some practice for a potential open mic or two next year. As for 2024, I have a batch of new material I want to record that will have a more electric, aggressive feel than my debut album, it will probably be about 6 tracks or so. After that I want to record a 4 track ep that will be quite experimental.