Hi! Beppie, your new single ‘Reset’ introduces listeners to a fresh sound. Could you share the inspiration behind this new direction and what sparked the idea for this single?

A: “Reset” carries a message to kids that it’s totally normal to get stuck, feel low, and struggle from time to time. I’ve coached my own kids and music students through tough moments on countless occasions, and I wanted to use music to share those relatable feelings and talk about the power of positivity. So, I was looking for a way to empower listeners to step away from the task, moment, or barrier and reset. It’s an upbeat rock anthem that parents and kids can use as a soundtrack in those tough moments.

Can you walk us through your creative process for ‘Reset’? From conceptualization to the final production, how did this track evolve?

A: “Reset” started as an idea. It was this idea that it’s ok to shift, stop, pivot, to reset and recharge. At the time I didn’t know what genre or style would suit this idea best, so my producer, Justin McDonough, and I set out writing. Justin came up with this high-energy rock riff that was so invigorating. I knew as soon as I heard it that the idea matched the music and then we set out to refine it from there. It evolved to include horns, a ton of backup vocals, and this really cool breakdown where we change things up a bit.

Were there any notable collaborations in the production of ‘Reset’ that you found particularly exciting or enriching to the song’s development?

A: We never intended to collaborate with this song but once we got to the production phase we really wanted live horns and drums. Luckily my producer is a drummer and he ended up playing drums on this track as well as four others on the upcoming album. We searched around for the right horn player to jump in, and as soon as we heard the ideas they came up with we were sold. That started a working relationship between Dima (horn player) as we asked him to write parts and play on a couple other tracks as well. It was a ton of fun watching how this one evolved.

Every artist faces challenges in the journey of bringing a song to life. What were some of the hurdles you encountered while producing ‘Reset’, and how did you overcome them?

A: This is a great question. Over the years I have learned to be more flexible with how a song evolves and changes throughout the creative process. We start with an idea and sometimes we are stuck on the version that we originally envisioned. But so much happens between the start line and the finish line. We sometimes decide to change instrumentation, tempo, lyrics. We pivot from what we thought we wanted to what actually works. And if we hold on too tightly to our original ideas, we close the door to anything new, innovative, or exciting. It can be quite challenging knowing when you’re stuck on an idea that isn’t working and when you’re staying true to a solid vision. Having a supportive team helps with this a lot.

Your music consistently resonates with both children and adults. How do you think ‘Reset’ will connect with your diverse audience base, and what do you hope listeners take away from it?

A: The music that my producer and I create is designed for listeners of all ages to enjoy, but the themes and the stories woven in are designed to resonate with younger audiences. Being able to connect with kids through music that their grown ups also love has been the mission from day one. By taking limits away from the perspective of genre, it’s opened up so many cool possibilities and allowed us to push the boundaries of what kids’ music is supposed to be. We get to write rock songs about space tomatoes and pop songs about dancing dinosaurs. We wrote a heavy metal song about making a stir fry and then on another day wrote a lullaby about a baby robot getting ready for bed. I think that the diverse range of music that we offer to listeners is exciting and inclusive. It’s also been important to keep in mind that we were all kids at one point. So if we succeed at connecting with kids through our themes and stories, there’s a good chance that adults will be able to reflect and connect with the music as well. On top of all of that, we spend a ton of time on production to make sure that the music we release stands up to songs you would hear on the radio.

‘Reset’ boasts a sound that taps into multiple genres. Can you discuss any musical influences or artists that inspired the sound of this new single?

A: My producer and I write all of the Beppie tracks together and our ideas and contributions can be so different sometimes, but most of the time we are in sync. We were in sync on this one. The rock vibe fit so well and everything came together easily. It continued to grow and turned into such a fun track. I think we both draw on our experiences and tastes to guide us into the music. The energy on this one is reflective of a 90s punk rock band and it’s perfect.

Your songs often carry meaningful messages. Is there a particular theme or message embedded in ‘Reset’ that you hope will impact your listeners?

A: The main theme in this one is that your well-being is more important than your productivity. It’s ok to take a break without feeling guilty, it’s ok to listen to your body, and it’s ok if you need to reset. We often get caught up in comparing ourselves to others instead of focussing on what we need on our own unique journey. That’s what this song is about, taking care of yourself and knowing when you need to take a break.

‘Reset’ offers a glimpse into your upcoming album. Without giving too much away, can you share how this single sets the tone for what fans can expect from the full album?

A: The new album has some similar messages of well-being woven throughout it. It’s also incredibly diverse. The songs reflect a variety of styles and genres as all of my other albums do. You’ll be able to rock out, laugh, dance, relax, move, and reflect as you listen to the new album which is also titled Reset. I’m so excited for everyone to hear it!

Looking back on your career, which spans over two decades and includes numerous accolades, how do you feel ‘Reset’ represents the evolution of your music and artistry?

A: The new music coming out is honestly the best work we’ve ever done. We went above and beyond in every step of the creation process. We spent more time with writing, recording, production, and post-production than on any of our other tracks. We challenged ourselves more, and the result is something we are incredibly proud of. All of the experiences that have led to this point, the JUNO nominations, the performances and touring, the 5 full-length albums before this, have shown us how to get the sound we want and how to showcase the stories and the music in the best way possible.

Finally, with ‘Reset’ set to captivate listeners, how do you plan to engage with your fans and the broader community to celebrate its release? Are there any special events or initiatives we should look out for?

A: I’ll be setting off on a tour this summer that starts with a concert on Canada Day in Strathcona County. I’ll be releasing the rest of the performance dates soon. I also have a new book coming out on April 23rd called The Cookie Pirate which was inspired by a song on my last album (Nice to Meet You). The book and the new album will be at the center of all of my live shows this summer.