Hi! Can you describe the creative process behind “Better Guy”? How did the collaboration between you and Ivon Roberts come about?

A: Cian:     So I thought Ivon’s vocals and lyrical writing were so unique and fun, and for whatever reason he decided that I was worth writing with! We jumped on Zoom in early 2021, wrote this song, and then I worked on the production on and off until early this year when we decided ‘lets stop playing around and actually finish this thing’. Ivon came up with the concept of 2 guys fighting over the same girl at a bar and it was such an interesting concept I was hooked!

The song is described as a “folktronica meets synth-pop” track. How did you manage to blend these genres so seamlessly?

A: Cian: Thank you! The song naturally turned out this way i guess – The original demo was just on acoustic guitar and sounded cool, But i draw a lot of inspiration from the synthwork by the lies of Bruno Mars 24k Magic album and Charlie Puth’s Voicenotes album so i  started to integrate synths in, and in the end they ended up blending together well

The lyrics of “Better Guy” tell a story of love, rivalry, and self-assurance. Can you elaborate on the inspiration behind these lyrics?

A:Ivon: Lyrically, the song was definitely loosely inspired by the iconic song ‘The Boy Is Mine’ by Brandy and Monica – but with our own Irish spin on the song. I’ve personally always wanted to write a song like this from a “toxic masculinity” character perspective – like those loud, forward guys you see in a bar on a night out that won’t leave you alone. But I also wanted to make sure there was some level of humanity to these boys by acknowledging their shortcomings and internal insecurities so that it wasn’t just an “appendage” measuring contest for the entire song. (For the lack of a classier term!)

The song features a catchy chorus with the repeated phrase “I’m the better guy”. What is the significance of this phrase in the context of the song?

A:Ivon: The phrase “I’m the better guy” is of course the hook of the song, but it also further reflects the insecurities of the two protagonists in the song in which they’re simultaneously trying to convince the object of their drunken lust while also assuring themselves that they’re the better option of the two suitors.

The narrative of “Better Guy” reflects the spirit of confidence and tenacity in the quest for love. How do you think this theme resonates with your audience?

A: Ivon: When dating in this day and age, you have to curate and take on this superior image of yourself, and you almost have to sell yourself to others as a viable partner on dating apps and social media. It’s like shopping for love. You’ve got to take on this “larger-than-life” attitude and fake confidence to be seen as a worthy option for others. It’s honestly quite unsettling when you think about it.

The song has been compared to the works of Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande. How have these artists influenced your music?

A: Cian: Ed Sheeran was a huge inspiration for me as a teenager before i discovered my love for synths, and so as i developed he rubbed of a lot on me. The ariana grande element for me comes from the pop rhythms, smoothness and catchiness of the vocal performances as well as specifically her song ‘Positions’ – she blends acoustic guitar with violins in that song and thats what we tried to do but with synhts

The song has been praised for its infectious energy, brilliant lyrics, and energetic performances. How do you feel about the reception of the song so far?

A: Ivon: People tend to say this a lot in response to questions like this, but I sincerely did not expect the magnitude of positive responses and open support we’ve received for the song. Obviously, we’ve got so much love for our song and you do hope it will go down well with as many people as you can reach, but you learn from years of trying and failing that you can’t have high expectations in such an oversaturated industry. You just have to focus on your love for the music, and on the fact that we are able to be in such a privileged position to even create the work that we do/have in the first place. That was the dream from the very start. The rest is just an added bonus that we’re incredibly grateful for.

What do you hope listeners take away from “Better Guy”?

A: Ivon: This is NOT how you court someone. Do not learn from the boys in this song. Do not break into song in a public bar while drunk to prove yourself to anyone. Use this song as a guide of how NOT to act when you’re interested in somebody. 

Cian: I second this – Trying to show off to anyone just solidifies your desperation, so hopefully people can use these 2 characters as the complete opposite of a role model